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Chicken Pakora


200g chicken cut into strips

Large pinch cumin seeds  

pinch salt  

½ tsp red chili powder  

1 tsp Tikka paste  

½ tsp ginger and garlic paste  

1 tsp lemon juice 


50 grams gram flour  

25 grams self raising flour  

100-150 ml water  

pinch of dried fenugreek leaves


Mix in a bowl mix the marinade ingredients and coat the chicken evenly.

Cover and leave to stand in fridge for 3-4 hours or overnight if possible.    

In a separate bowl add all the dry ingredients and gradually add the water to form a batter.  

Really mix it through with your hand or whisk.

Let the mix stand for 5 minutes and then add the marinaded chicken to the batter and ensure they are fully coated.    

Fry a few at a time placing them gently into the heated oil.  

Fry for about the chicken is cooked through. 6+ minutes until they are golden brown.  

Remove with a slotted spoon and put them on a kitchen paper to remove the excess oil.

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