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500g Galbani Mascarpone

125cl Espresso or strong black coffee

4 eggs separated

100g icing sugar

2cl Amaretto or brandy

Approx. 200g sponge fingers

3 tablespoons cocoa powder


Spread out sponge fingers and brush with Espresso until well soaked but not soggy Mix egg yolks, icing sugar and Amaretto to a thick creamy consistency.

Stir Mascarpone into creamy mixture.


In another small mixing bowl beat egg whites with whisk or electric mixer until stiff peaks form

Gently fold egg whites into Mascarpone mixture.


Make three layers each of cream and sponge, the first and last layers to be cream

Leave to soak tor 2-4 hours in the refrigerator.


Before serving dust generously with cocoa powder, and chocolate.

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